The beginnings

As an initial project in 1999, and from the experience gathered as promoter and founding partner for professional dedication in the industry, born in 2002 AC Digital & Services Ltd., a company focused and dedicated to the application of innovation and new technologies applied to digital communication, which was created to offer services Audiovisual Communication.

Using new technologies for video production, radio and television services, digital broadcast advertising, web maintenance intake and a new audiovisual service and a daily system news agencies broadcasting of audiovisual communications and press releases, today and We have added even more experience in the industry, being evaluated by professionals with experience in media use, such as higher quality service, and evaluated by professionals in the public sector that have evaluated the highest quality and most competitive price, being the best, evaluated on equal terms.

In these 10 years , we have substantially increased our scope of services concerned. We have been devoted to design, develop and implement comprehensive audiovisual communication actions at regional, national and international, creating a very complete product portfolio and competitive as: corporate and institutional audiovisual production, events, features, commercials, intake and maintenance Web and social networks.